River House

Comprising the entire first floor of River House, our dramatic Garden Apartment is every bit as spacious as it is stylish and comfortable, featuring a loft-style layout with 12-foot ceilings and original rough-hewn structural columns. The suite has its own shuttered entrance onto Marigny Street, two large westward facing windows draped with antique Quaker lace, and a rear door opening from the kitchen onto the gardens. Its appointments include a 10 X 15-foot 1880s oil painting (originally a theatrical backdrop) in the living room; a superlative full kitchen with maple cabinetry and terracotta tile; and a massive 1870s Scottish "press" with three cabinets (the center one has an extra TV in it) and fifteen drawers, which provides ample storage as well as privacy between the sleeping and living/dining areas. A tile bath with antique-style fixtures is outfitted with a 19th century pine dressing table, a jacuzzi tub, and a huge mirror, while opening into a separate walk-in closet/laundry room. Maximum occupancy: 2 people.
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